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Welcome to Child Wise

Childwise can ‘make it happen’ and offers organisations:-


ü  professional expertise that is objective and impartial

ü  cost effectiveness, offering extra capacity only when required to deliver specific work on an interim basis

ü  commitment, energy, focus, and honesty

ü  a personal, flexible and efficient arrangement

Jacqueline Mann, trading as Childwise, is dedicated to improving the experiences of children and families who access services.

Childwise can help commissioners procure efficient and effective services that best reflect the needs of users.

Childwise can help those delivering care to improve their performance and achieve better quality outcomes.

ü  Service reviews to look at possible improvement to the patient’s experience.

ü  Using the complaints process to bring about practice improvement.

ü  Practice reviews on issues of clinical governance.

ü  Collecting user views to use as a catalyst for improvement.

ü  Providing awareness training on Safeguarding issues to improve safety.

ü  Independent Complaint Investigation (Health and Social Care) to help resolve complex or difficult issues.

Childwise is based on a sound understanding of national policy such as ‘Equity and Excellence as well as Chidren and Young People’s policies.

Childwise is familiar with the complexities of integrated services, with a working knowledge of children’s services delivery.

Childwise skills although gathered in the field of children and young people are transferable skills and competencies can be used in any sphere e.g. complaints investigation

Childwise believes that the views and experiences of children and their families should be heard, and that these views should be integrated into service improvements.

Childwise can assist organisations whether commissioners or providers, working in all sectors, whether independent or privately run bodies, or charities.

Childwise is committed to delivering a high quality service and welcomes any feedback which might help to improve performance.